Burgundy vs green

Sono molto contenta che fra i trend di stagione autunno-inverno ci siano di nuovo il burgundy e il verde scuro,
così posso riciclare con disinvoltura i pantaloni dell’anno scorso. Vi ricordate questi outfits? Esattamente un anno fa. Bè, per chi se li è persi, eccone alcune pillole. Che ne pensate? In attesa di idee brillanti (o plausibili) per creare nuovi abbinamenti per questi pants, vi auguro buon sabato!
 I am very glad that one of the trends of the season autumn-winter there are again the burgundy and dark green, so I can recycle easily pants from last year. Do you remember these outfits? Exactly one year ago. Well, for those who are lost them, here are some pills. What do you think about? Waiting for brilliant ideas (or plausible) to create new combinations for these pants, I wish you good Saturday!

Burgundy look: pants: Stradivarius; coat: Elisabetta franchi for Celyn B; ankle boots: Zara. Green look: pants: no brand; jacket: Zara; belt: Hermès; bag: Miu Miu


51 Responses

  1. possibly my fav bit about a/w trend is that they recycle year to year. Green will alwys been in fashion, as is anything ‘gothic’.
    these outfits are amazing!