Blusa floreale

Una blusa evanescente dai colori pastello di Maison About. Delicata e floreale. Un look informale che sembra voler salutare questi ultimi giorni di un’estate che già sta cedendo il posto all’autunno. 
Passeggiate in campagna a non finire, e giri in bicicletta in questi ultimi giorni di ferie prima di ricominciare a lavorare. Temperature piacevoli, aria fresca e un sole tiepido sono condizioni perfette per me. Avete già ricominciato a lavorare/studiare o iniziate anche voi la prossima settimana?
A evanescent blouse by Maison About. Delicate and floral. I love pastel colors. A casual look that seems to say goodbye to these last days of summer that is already giving way to autumn. Walks in the countryside and bike rides in the last few days of vacation before starting to work. Pleasant temperatures, fresh air and a warm sun are perfect conditions for me. Have you already started to work / study or do you start next week like me?

Blouse: Maison About; shorts: Zara; sunglasses: Cèline; shoes: All Star

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  1. wonderful photographs! Great shorts and I do really like that blouse , especially the transparent part of it! sneakers are a great choice with this look….I hope you have a good start with your work…I’m almost done with my internship in one high-school so I won’t be starting work as usual…I just have to teach two more classes before I take my teaching certificate exam. However, for me the worst is actually trying to find a job! (something I have been occupied with all summer) It’s so stressful! I work as a translator as well, but that’s not a steady job….I guess in a way I have been working all summer (tutoring, translations, etc) and I only hope I can find more work soon.

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